Kāpiti Biodiesel Cooperative

Kapiti Biodiesel Cooperative


A better planet –
one tank at a time.

The Kapiti Biodiesel Cooperative is a member owned business that takes waste cooking oil and turns it into premium biodiesel via magical alchemy. Each tank of B100 biodiesel reduces green houses gases by 86% (USEPA study).


What is a co-op?

Co-ops are people powered businesses that exist to provide a good or service to their membership.

Kapiti Biodiesel Cooperative

KBD Co-op is a fledgling group of parents, friends and alt fuel nerds who want to do our bit to move away from the fossil fuel economy

Biodiesel – now and the future

Biodiesel is an innovate piece in the transition pie to a low carbon economy. Friendly with electric cars, and the biker community, it is another creative solution of using an existing waste cycle.